Business Intellligence

Today analysis, reporting and correct interpretation of business data are essential to recognize/use synergies in early stages, to be competitive, to optimize processes and to react quickly on new market trends.

Access on topical and relevant business information should happen in time, because it represents a decisive factor of success. For implementation of that strategy SAP offers NetWeaver BI a business intelligence platform, with a full suite of tools. That gives you the opportunity to integrate, transform and standardize into BI the relevant business date from productive SAP applications and all external data sources.

For all different requirements of users, managers and IT specialist SAP NetWeaver BI offers the following functionalities:

Data Warehousing


Business Intelligence

Prepares an integrated, time dependant, non superficial collection of important data for the management. In that it helps to structure heterogeneous data and prepare it in a useful manner.

Building queries (Analysis) and the development of web applications gives you the possibility to design analytical reports, making decisions and to make BI applications available in the internet.

Means a wide collection of applications and technologies to gather, store, analyze and access information to support the decision process. Basic elements for data access, recognition of patterns as well as exceptions are OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), data mining and alerts.

Information Broadcasting

Business Content

Integrated Planning

Represents a secure distribution of personalized information at a wide user spectrum, e.g. offline documents or personal e-mails sent in timely order or event driven.

With the submitted BI content SAP offers pre configured information models, which help to control and optimize the processing areas inside and outside the enterprise.

Infrastructure to realize and operate planning scenarios or other applications. Enables the extraction and retraction of planning data in real time. Also allows simple building of input enabled queries for the comparison of planned and present, forecasting, currency calculation etc.

Business Objects

With the SAP business objects portfolio you have an extensive offered toolset and applications with which you are able to increase the enterprise performances. Users are able to recall, prepare, search, analyze and interchange info and data inside the whole company.

  • extended analysis
  • dashboards and visualisation
  • reporting
  • search and analyze